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Governing Body: Consists of a team of 5(Five Members) members namely:

  1. Mr Ravi B. Srivastava-President
  2. Mr C K Srivastava- Vice President
  3. Dr Aibad Ahmad – Secretary
  4. Dr S K Srivastava – Jt Secretary
  5. Mr Nirmal Kumar Sinha– Treasurer
  1. Mr P N Singh
  2. Mr P Chidrawar Vithal
  3. Mr Pinaki Baneerji
  4. Mrs N Shyamla
  5. Mr Mohammad Shabirul Haque
  6. Mr Ram Suresh
  7. Mr Jaibir Singh Rawat
  8. Mr Neel Madhab Mishra
  1. Mr Ravi B Srivastava– B Pharma, MBA having more than 20 yrs experience in Medicinal Chemistry, Involvement in Community Disease Management Program with the help of Medical Fraternity. Last 10 yrs associated with implementation of Renewable Energy programs laid down by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy-Govt of India , Energy audit & Carbon Credit activities. Off late for last 4 years involved in the management of Green & Clean  Environment development while working with E-Waste management activities of an UK MNC. Also working in close coordination with various NGOs like Toxic Links & Cargil for raising awareness for Environmental Protection activities in an informal tie up with GIZ.
  2. Mr C K Srivastava– A Legal Consultant for various MNCs and also a panellist advocate for Govt of Uttar Pradesh. Has been associated with various forums on State & National level in the energy Management programs & Human Rights activities. He is an advocate in the apex court of the country
  3. Dr Aibad Ahmad– A true protagonist of social upliftment & women empowerment activities. Ventilating public opinions through Digital & print media. A person representing poverty stricken masses for their welfare.
  4. Dr S K Srivastava– A retired scientist from Veterinary division and served as Director- Animal Husbandry in the govt of Madhya Pradesh-India. He hold a road map for bridging the gap between elite & downtrodden in our rural & urban
  5. Mr Nirmal Kumar Sinha– A finance professional working for the acquisition & merger process and fund management, audits of so many big Indian & foreign corporations.
  6. Mr P N Singh– Born in a family of freedom fighters in Bihar , he is himself a social activist. He represents & fights for the masses to help from the menace of social inequality. Has served various Insurance companies in  the capacity of Loss Assessor & Surveyor.
  7. Mr P Chidrawar Vithal– A member from Maharshtra- A Technical Consultant to so many industries involved in the Electronics industry. But he is a social worker at the grass root level. A supporter of water conservation & green revolution in his own village in Nanded.
  8. Mr Pinaki Baneerji– A pharmaceutical personnel having indepth knowledge of disease prevalence in communities and other socio-economic factors gripping our society. Has worked for the family planning programs as his pastime activities.
  9. Mrs N Shyamla– A social worker from Odisha and has been instrumental in preventing poor children taking refuge as Child Labour and instead forced the parents to send their children to school for primary education.
  10. Mohammad Shabirul Haque– From Jharkhand – has really gone deep into the problems of tribes who are still deprived of facilities being offered by government. A true social worker on the anvil. Off late he is into a business.
  11. Mr Ram Suresh– Comes from the domain of real estate activities and has first hand feel of workers & their small children being  hired for the work. Has raised his voice for the support of labors for the protection  of their rights.
  12. Mr Jaibir Singh Rawat– Comes from the hills of Uttarakhand and is fully aware of the problems of the inhabitants of hilly places. He has a face to face interacted with authorities to take appropriate measures for the employment, skill development & education of the people & their children in hills.
  13. Mr Neel Madhab Mishra– A man from Jharkhand has a real concern about the sad plight of tribal people who are still far away from the common man’s facility.


  1. Environmental Management & Protection:
    1. Dr (Mrs) Dharna Tiwari-Environmental Science, 7.5 yrs exp in environment management.
  2. Education:
  3. Dr MP Jakhanwal-M Tech & PhD(Civil Engg)- Ex-Director of NIET, Greater Noida & Ex-Principal-Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology
  4. Dr Ganpat Rai-Ex-Director-Sitawati KishoriDevi Institute Of Technology, Pitham Pura, New Delhi
  5. Health Services & Medical Experts:
  6. Dr Rajneesh Srivastava-MD(Medicine)-KGMC, Lucknow
  7. Dr Kalindi Srivastava-DNB(Gyne & Obs)-Lucknow
  8. Dr Sidhartha Mishra-MD-Social & Preventive Medicine(AIIMS)
  9. Expert –Government Administration:
  10. Shri C M Singh-Retd. DANIPS Officer. He has served as Additional Magistrate &Special Metropolitan Magistrate – MCD, Delhi for 5 yrs. He has deep knowledge of Govt Affairs/Vigilance affairs.
  11. Expert on Legal Matters & Human Rights:
    1. Shri C K Srivastava-Supreme Court Advocate