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SU-VIKAS is an effort by a Group of individuals drawn from different sections of Society having a vision towards the growth of India & South Asian Region & finally the World over all. SU-VIKAS is poised to work with masses with a Mission of GROWTH FOR ALL in the most sustainable manner through promotion of Education for people/ girl & boy child belonging to the marginalized section of the society, Protection of their health by arousing consciousness among all community masses and extending medical facility for the mitigation & prevention of diseases , Socio-cultural, political and economic empowerment of women and children and to promote gender equity, Environmental Protection with peoples participation.

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To work as a promoter of all Projects & Programs; play the role of true crusader for the society which not only prospers to fulfills its present needs but also does not endanger the existence of Future Generations.
SU-VIKAS meaning- Sustainable Development – truly finds its purpose in our long term mission & vision!!!

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